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Happy Expatriate in Phuket Old Town in Thailand.


Vestaways’ mission is to maximise the success of your projects in Phuket, inviting you into a “Trust Bubble” to boost your integration in Phuket.


Stéphanie Anglade-Roy

CEO & Founder

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With an ESSEC Masters and a consulting background in Paris under my belt, my experience in the expat world began during my studies and internships with stints in Dublin, Amsterdam and Phoenix. Some 12 years ago, I made the leap and settled in Phuket with my family. Ever since, I have invested, launched businesses and experienced success in Phuket in the luxury hospitality and private villa management sectors.  Through meetings, opportunities and synergies with my industry, I took an interest in the property and business investment market in Phuket.

Like many, the recent pandemic has allowed me to really reflect upon my deepest aspirations. It has also made me appreciate the unique chance I have to live with my family in a paradise setting that’s geared up for investment and entrepreneurship. Despite the current situation of Covid-19, the indicators suggest that Phuket will emerge more dynamic than ever from this crisis. However, the market components in Phuket do not meet traditional operating standards and the island has created its own ecosystem, which presents several challenges.

Today, I really want to share my experience and support people wishing to settle on the island by offering them wise and practical advice based on tangible data, drawing on my background in the fields of vacation rentals and luxury property. In this way, I want to help them avoid the traps set for newcomers or issues related to the subtleties and “grey areas” of Thai laws and practices.

I’m also the mother of a little girl who attends an international school in Phuket, and I would be thrilled to make your integration into the Phuket community easier by letting you into my trusted network. 

My desire is to help families like mine 12 years ago to proudly succeed in their projects and find professional fulfilment in Phuket.


Vestaways supports the local communities and particularly the Beluga School of Life to which we send donations regularly.

Inaugurated in 2006, the aim of the Beluga School for Life was to help the children near Khao Lak in Thailand who had lost their parents due to the tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004. Time has passed and the current Covid has hit the region very hard, thus scarcering donations and support.

Today the school is home to fifty five kids between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, ten of them having no relatives at all who never leave the school premises. The next academic year is expecting a rise of 20 more students whose families are struggling with the current economic situation.

Although many of us still cannot travel at the moment, we can give these adorable children a better life and help the school meet their basic needs and improve their nutritional diet. Most importantly, we can help the kids feel loved...even from a distance.


For obvious reasons of confidentiality, flexibility and adaptability to my clients’ timezones, I wish to maintain total independence and work with a small team to devote myself 100% to the missions entrusted to me.

Whether you need legal advice, an architect, an interior designer or just want to rent a villa, I connect with reliable partners and experts in their field and bring you a much greater range of skills and expertise than if just using in-house resources . I make sure you stay in a “Trust Bubble” throughout our entire collaboration.

Vestaways is is the exclusive partner of (Luxury Holiday Villas in Asia).

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