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Luxury Villa Phuket Seaview - Property Shopping


Discover our wide range of services, identify the one that meets your needs, then contact us to discuss it!



As a Property Shopper, Vestaways positions itself 100% on the buyer's side, thus avoiding any conflict of interest. We select properties for our clients in a completely impartial manner and from the entire range available on the market. We also offer off-market properties through our local network, and even generate opportunities for properties that are not yet for sale! Therefore, we guarantee a wide range of options to facilitate your property search, based on an objective and informed choice.

With Vestaways, each search is unique. Given the overall experience of buying property in Phuket, we attach as much importance to the financial and legal aspects of the investment as we do to the aspirations of our clients and their families. In other words, we believe that the ideal property should spark excitement and be perfectly aligned with the buyer’s lifestyle.

Vestaways supports its clients throughout from project design to the handing over of keys. It also takes care of the important legal and technical verifications required for a stress-free investment. For buyers seeking property for a rental investment, we go one step further by offering a hospitality consultancy and yield management service for vacation rentals (see RENTAL YIELD HUNTER).

Peace of Mind

Vestaways is 100% customer focused, does not work for sellers or for agents and collaborates solely with trusted service providers.


Vestaways has access to 100% of the properties for sale, selects the best products and carries out pre-visits to validate the properties and their surrounding area.


Vestaways charges fixed fees, that are not proportional to the amount invested and lower than those of a traditional property agency. 



Marketing Plan

Each business area has a unique set of challenges that must be addressed from the early stages of a business plan to guarantee a viable and profitable financial model.  To help our clients reach this objective, at Vestaways we draw up a comprehensive marketing plan and design a strategy to make their business plan stand out from the rest.

From concept design to finding the ideal location, right through to the mix-marketing strategy, Vestaways gives you all the tools to succeed - all you need to do is follow the plan.

Business Concept

Meticulous integration of operations, branding, marketing and staff training is essential to give our clients the best shot at a successful start. Vestaways can create the entire "store concept". 

Using data and analyses, Vestaways supports you in your project implementation phase and adapts each recommendation to the desired sizing and level of your investment. It is important for us to remain true to the essence of your project so that you can take effective ownership of it.

We cover the following business sectors:

  • Hospitality and Catering

  • Retail (fashion, decoration, etc.)

  • Concept stores



| "You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data"

| Daniel Keys Moran

Vestaways’ methodology is based on a holistic approach that helps facilitate and accelerate your understanding of the market and prevent unnecessary pitfalls. The objective is to provide you with an informed and documented analysis – driven by data and facts – so that you can make good decisions for your property purchase or your future business.

We have created a single database bringing together all key indicators relating to demographic, economic, or business sector aspects. Our eight-year experience in luxury villa rentals in Asia has also allowed us to collect precious qualitative and quantitative data on the luxury property market and the ROI for vacation rentals.

Market Study

Market research is a key stage in your project’s development. This study contributes in particular to the effective mapping of the distribution of the potential clientele and the most desirable areas of Phuket. This competition analysis also sheds light on the context in which you will operate. You’ll then be more confident when it comes to determining your marketing mix (offer & services, catchment area, target customers, pricing policy, etc.).

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study allows you to check your project’s financial viability. This forecast study examines the potential operating costs of your business, compared with the turnover estimates to validate the feasibility of your project. It focuses on business projects or owners wishing to check the potential ROI of their villa for vacation rental.



Vestaways is Phuket’s independent, objective and impartial consultant specialising in the audit of vacation rental properties in Phuket. Maybe you’re unhappy with your level of profitability, have doubts about your price positioning, or you want to rent out your villa but feel lost when it comes to marketing. We’re here to help owners maximise their ROI while enhancing the traveller experience, rather than detracting from it. We can also step in and enrich the customer experience even further, through staff training, interior design or internal process optimisation services.

Nowadays, most owners have to just manage their pricing strategy based on guesswork, without any real market data or prospective analysis. However, the slightest error in price positioning will have a direct impact on the villa’s reputation, and in turn, on the level of profitability generated.

Pricing is Branding and Branding is Reputation

| "Don't leave anything to chance anymore because every detail counts when it comes to making your villa profitable in the long term." 

Vestaways’ studies and audits are carried out according to data generated by the powerful algorithm of our exclusive partner StaydairTM ( see below), and are supplemented by inspections and reputation analyses.

StaydairTM is a young, Singapore-based startup which is currently developing the first dynamic pricing solution aimed at vacation rental professionals in Asia through a unique algorithm combining Machine Learning and IA.

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