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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Property Shopper.

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

A Property Shopper is your very own buying agent providing a bespoke service to help you land your dream property. Buying a property can be overwhelming and stressful, but we take care of the entire process: we research, filter, organise viewings, audit, negotiate and provide advice on any issues that may arise. We have access to 100% of the properties on the market, not to mention off-market properties.

Some people might mistake us for a traditional property agent – but we are much more than that! Now, let’s clear up those doubts and explain to you exactly what we do.

Get all answers to your Property Shopping questions below:

Villa Sunyata - 8-bedroom villa for sale in Phuket
Villa Sunyata - Kata Beach, Phuket

Is a Property Agent the same as a Property Shopper?

A property/real estate agent is an intermediary between the buyer and seller in property transactions and is paid by the seller on a commission basis. We Property Shoppers, on the other hand, represent the buyer only, who pays us on a fixed-fee basis.

This naturally begs the question: why would someone whose income is directly proportional to your property price bother hunting out a low-priced property for you? With a Property Shopper there is no conflict of interest; we’re on your side and our mission is to find the best price for you

Does hiring a Property Shopper cost more?

Quite the contrary – hiring a Property Shopper not only saves you time and hassle, but you also end up saving money! We take care of all negotiations for you alone so that we can secure the best price for you. You’ll save an average of 5-10% from the public selling price. In addition, we don’t take any commission from the seller.

What services are included in the fee?

Before we start our property search, we will give you a breakdown of what is included. We will describe each step of the process in detail, so you know what you’re paying for.

Why should I only work with one Property Shopper?

We don’t work with two clients at the same time under the same search criteria as you, such as the same budget, size or number of bedrooms. We work exclusively for you, so we appreciate your commitment to do the same. All the personal data we collect is 100% confidential, and we negotiate with sellers on your behalf.

How can you guarantee that you have access to 100% of the properties for sale on the market?

We don’t take any commission from the sellers or agents, so our pool of contacts is much wider, meaning we’re better equipped to find your perfect property. We also access to off-market properties.

What about the technical and legal aspects?

We help you with all things technical and legal, so you can rest assured that you’ll be making a safe and secure purchase. We call upon the expert guidance of an architect for the inspection and renovation processes, and a lawyer for the contractual aspects.

How can I be sure that you don’t accept any payment from sellers and agents?

Yes, will include a clause in your contract that states that they will only and exclusively get paid by you, the buyer, and only the fixed amount agreed to by both parties before starting the search.

Why don’t you receive commission from the seller and only charge us?

Our aim is to find you the best deal for your ideal property. If our income is directly proportional to the cost price of the property, we might not be so committed as we’d want you to increase your budget, and we wouldn’t be as driven to negotiate and secure the best price for you. We’d be thinking of ourselves, whereas we have your best interests at heart every step of the way.

Do I also have to pay if I find the property myself?

20% of our contract fees are non refundable. Although we do recommend that you hire us from the very start of the process, searching for and filtering properties can be quite a daunting project.

What if I’m not keen on any of the properties you select?

We get to know you and your needs right from the start so that we’re both on the same page. We put ourselves in your shoes, so that we’re in the best possible position to find your dream property for you. In other words, it’s highly unlikely that you won’t find at least one property that meets your criteria!

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